Thursday, December 11, 2014

ADVENT PRACTICE: "Watching for Tenderness"

(My daily Advent practice involves 'watching for tenderness'--signs of grace and beauty, wonder invading the world as it is, recreating you and me and us...Here's today's offering, four videos featuring the remarkable Rachelle Ferrell, an all-time favorite!  It's all going on with Rachelle.  It's music.  It's power.  It's tenderness.  It's communion.  I'm reminded here of Mary's Magnificat [Luke 1:39-56], the song that flips the world upside down and breathes grace into all our weariness.  In the first video below, Rachelle and Ledisi sing to one another in much the way I imagine Mary and Elizabeth doing.)

The first is about friendship; in a way, the performance itself is friendship.  At one point, Ledisi sings to Rachelle: "Sometimes I really need to talk to somebody."  And Rachelle sings to Ledisi: "I got a PhD in answering."  

The second is about something like grief and gratitude.  

The third is about joy; and the fourth is, well, art and voice.  Enjoy!!