Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lent 4 (A Poem)

"Early Morning Fog"
After Matthew 6:25-34

So don't worry about Trump and his tiresome tweets.
Don't worry about Kellyanne, the Kochs or the North Koreans.
These things are like early morning fog, thick and deceiving.
These things are like a tempter's tests, a shell game
While a thief slides in from behind and takes what's precious.
The fog burns off by midday, you know this, so don't be fooled.

The pelican, the pelican, the pelican riding on the spring breeze!
Watch the pelican, how she rides the wind, accompanied
By her mates, surrounded by a formation in flight, this is faith.
She finds all she needs in the seas, on the calloused cliffs,
Without any care for investments and higher education,
Without any thought of growing old or getting sick.

So seek first, seek in everything the formation in flight,
The beloved community of souls, the kingdom of God.
Strive every day for the circle that turns on friendship,
For the just arrangement of the feast on your tables,
And for peace, for holy, generous peace, among enemies.

Seek first the kin-dom, and all the other things shall
Be provided in good time, in proper measure,
By the kin in your kin-dom, by the beloved in your community,
By the strange and unexpected family you draw to your side
When you seek first the kingdom of God.