Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lent 6 (A Poem)

"Eying God"
After Matthew 7:1-5

Spend too much time, so much energy
On this darkness in the souls of others,
And this same darkness reaches for you;
Make a spectacle of his bigotry, his cruelty,
Even cruelty, especially mindless cruelty:
Pound a table in disgust, locate idiocy
In his mistakes, and idiocy turns back.
It has a way of clinging to the raging critic.

Turn the eyes of your heart within,
There is much to see there,
Where your fears keep watch
And your shame defends its barren turf.
See bright rays of mercy falling across your sin,
And healing bands of love
Saving you from impotence, violence.

Or are you so afraid of this mountain,
This long and difficult ascent, Moriah perhaps,
Where Abraham did not slay his son,
Or the green hillside in the Galilee,
Where Jesus loved his enemies,
Went the extra mile and turned the other cheek?
This mountain path is hard and narrow
That leads to vision and defiance and life.

So first take the log from your own eye.
Then join the circle that dances upon the
Summit of resistance and justice.
See in that circle the steps that turn
Your words to hymns and your days to praise.