Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Classes - Spirit Journeys

Here's a quick look at classes on the near horizon in Santa Cruz:

"GENESIS: Beginning Again and Again" - This 8-week series digs into the rich, provocative stories of the Hebrew Bible's 'first' book.  We'll take a look at creation myths, tales of temptation, the flood that changed everything, and more.  At the heart of this is a way of reading that encourages discussion and a lively sharing of ideas.  What will you bring to the table?  Join us Sunday mornings at 9 am in the Lounge at FCC in Santa Cruz...beginning Sunday, September 12.  I'm facilitating the series.

"JOURNEYS WITH JESUS: Walking the Walk" - This 6-week series explores some of the teaching and story-telling that makes Jesus such a compelling and challenging spiritual guide.  How do we begin to wrestle with his teaching around grace, extravagance and love?  How do we make sense of his sacrifice and compassion?  Cordelia Strandskov and I join in leading what ought to be a fascinating community journey - into the heart of Jesus' faith.  Join us Thursday evenings at 7 pm in the Lounge at FCC in Santa Cruz...beginning Thursday, October 7.

"MORNING MEDITATION" - Every Tuesday and Friday morning, I host a simple 30 minutes of meditation and 'centering' in FCC's lovely sanctuary on High Street.  We begin, simply, by sharing intentions for the day.  We spend 25 minutes in silence...breathing easily, honoring sacred space and time, receiving the gift.  Join us any Tuesday or Friday at 8:20 am in the Sanctuary at FCC in Santa Cruz...we're done by 8:50.