Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Launching Points?

A couple of thoughts as I think about humility, courage and all that's happened this past week:

"In everyone there is actually a part of his fellow man, and therefore a person should want his fellow's happiness and honor it as much as his own, because he really is himself, and that is why we were commanded, "Love your neighbor as yourself." -- Rabbi Moshe Cordovero (1522-1570)
"When we're conversing with someone, do we spend the whole time searching for launching points for what we want to say?  Or, do we actually listen to appreciate what they are trying to relate?  The first stance is the hubris of believing that what we have to say and contribute is primary; certainly my insight is brighter, my interpretation more inspiring, and my perspective more valuable.  The root of the Hebrew word for humility (anava) is la'anot, which means "to answer."  When the humble person speaks, he participates as one component of the whole.  He truly responds. -- Rabbi Micha Berger (b. 1965)
Food for thought.  A whole lot of food for thought.