Friday, February 18, 2011

Do Women Merit Human Rights in the USA?

From Rebecca Traister's piece on "I agree that now is the time for women and men who believe in women’s rights, health and liberty to reclaim the language of morality and life, long coopted by abortion foes, as our own. Because what the Republicans have made clear in the weeks since they took over the House is that there is most certainly morality at play here, there are most certainly lives at stake: the lives and the moral value not of the unborn, but of the living, breathing women of this nation."

Her entire entry, reflecting on the House's action today (2/18/11) is here:This is what "pro-life" means?

While the amount of work before us is exhausting, this joins the rest of it as critical: our political leaders are doubling back to a day when men restricted women's rights over their bodies, their health care, their reproductive choices and who-knows-what-else. As far as I'm concerned, we're into a human rights issue here. And Republican leaders--this brand of them, at least--are indicating a scary willingness to limit, trample and completely disregard the human rights of half our citizens and 100% of our sisters. That's not OK with me: not as a father of 3 daughters, not as a son to one great mother, not as a husband to one wonderful wife, not as a friend and colleague of hundreds of women.

And not as a Christian. Let's not allow the Christian Right free reign on this one. Human rights are our issues, Christian issues. And we have to demand that our political leaders protect them for ALL of us.