Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mercy Now / Mary Gauthier

"I love life, and life itself could use some mercy now..."  I'm grateful to colleagues Elaine Enns and Ched Myers for turning my heart toward this song, and now the video with it.  Watching it, I feel a kind of implosion of sadness, tenderness and hope.  As I wander the halls of my own grief this spring, Mary Gauthier says things I just can't right now.  Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy.

I watch it this afternoon and I can't help thinking about the young soldier who opened fire in Afghan homes last week.  Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy.  And I can't help thinking about the Florida family whose 16-year-old was gunned down by a fearful neighborhood watch captain.  Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy.  I can't help thinking about Israel and Iran and the insanity of another war in the Middle East.  Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy.

"I love my church and country, and my church and country could use a little mercy now."