Monday, October 21, 2013

Contemplation and Rest

I want to invite my California friends to join Kate and me for our "Contemplative Sabbath" on Saturday, November 2, at First Congregational Church.

We clear the church campus for the day--creating a quiet, contemplative environment where friends can rest, read and enjoy a community of stillness.  Bring a good book.  Come to walk the labyrinth.  Enjoy a walking meditation in the Pogonip just beyond our campus.  Lunch and dinner are provided for you (prepared by Kate and me)--and eaten together in silence.

In the midst of our busy, busy lives, here's an opportunity for community and silence.  A chance to spend a day without chatter, sharing values of compassion among friends who honor the potency of mindfulness.  Whether or not you identify with a religious tradition, I hope you'll consider joining us.  We'll begin together at 9 am, spend the entire day together with lunch and supper, and finish up at 7:30 pm.  Register by calling the church office at 426-2010 or dropping me a line at