Wednesday, April 23, 2014


"I baptize you in the name of the Father..."
"...and of the Son..."
"...and of the Holy Spirit..."
"...One God..."
"...who is Mother to us all!"
It was a thrilling Easter for me, standing in the deep with eight living souls, watching the circle of faith expand and the heart of God dance in the surf.  Looking at all these pictures, I'm struck by the enormity and the importance of the task awaiting us all.  Now we are called to grow.  Now we are invited to go deeper.  Now we are challenged to walk in the footsteps of the Peace-Maker, the Heart-Healer, the Truth-Teller.

I want that to be my church's core mission: the forming and nurturing of disciples, women and men who see God at play in the world, courageous hearts who believe in the future of human kindness and divine grace.  It's our gift to the world, I think: to nurture a new generation of daring artists and loving servants.