Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Feasting at Avlu!

Next door to the hotel in Antakya is a cafe with a cool breeze and an upstairs view of the neighborhood.  Yesterday the barkeep generously shared some tips on Antakya's restaurant scene; and tonight I wondered a couple of ancient alleyways to find the first. 

What a find!  The cuisine was a mix of traditional Syrian and Turkish foods.  The waiter set me up with a starter plate of houmus, baba ghanoush and three other spreads.  One was the 'house special' and he coyly refused to divulge the ingredients for that one!  All of these spreads were just wonderful: fresh and tasty, Mediterranean all the way.  After the starter, he brought out another 'house special' -- a kebab with lamb, smothered in some kind of tomato-pepper-yogurt sauce.  Unbelievably good!  The place was hopping with people, all kinds of young folks.  Even the music was great!  I am blessed indeed!