Saturday, June 7, 2014

SHORT FILM: "Faces of God"

I remember seeing a short film, years ago at Union Seminary, developed around a very simple and beautiful idea.  It was a class project, I think, and I wish I could remember whose project it was.  Because the film has stayed with me, inspired me, ever since.  Through the years I'll see something, someone--usually in the street, in an ordinary setting--that reminds me.

The filmmaker's concept involved taking a camera around the city (New York, that is)--and asking folks on camera to describe the 'face of God.'  Just that, I think.  "How would you describe the face of God?"  And the multiplicity of responses--some stunningly personal and intimate, some recognizably traditional--created the film and generated its flow.  And in New York!  It was gorgeous and even provocative.

All that's to say that I'm offering my own weak imitation here--using some of the many, many pictures I've taken in Greece and Turkey.  I've enjoyed using iMovie for the first time, and working in some of the wonderful faces and visions I've caught along the way.