Monday, December 1, 2014

ADVENT PRACTICE: "Watching for Tenderness"

NASA Photo: Northern Lights

(My little Advent practice, looking for tenderness in a hard-edged world, alert for signs of the coming of the Child of Peace, the Son of Light, the Broken Christ...)

Ring of fire.
Northern lights.
"A crown," says a friend.  
A crown of wonder across the brow of this planet-home.

"Or a wreath," says another.  
An Advent wreath circling round every village 
And every heartbroken city, and every fortressed home
Where sad souls wait for good news and grace and the Son of God.

Let us light this wreath, you and I, neighbors, 
Enemies, allies, friends and strangers.
Let us light this wreath, Netanyahu and Abbas, 
Pope Francis and nuns feeding the hungry in the Bowery tonight.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Let us light this wreath, candle by candle,
Courage upon courage, peace after peace, and make
The heavens shine like a ancient and holy ring of fire.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!