Sunday, June 7, 2015

With a Fierce and Undying Love (Pride, 6/7/15)


You've got a great gift, Jesus said, a powerful message, a bright and shining light.  And when you've got a light like that--you don't hide it under a bushel basket.  No!  You set it high on a lampstand.  You let it shine through all the house.

Sisters and brothers, this is Pride Sunday and we are a proud people and we will not hide our faith or our church or our delightful diversity under a bushel basket.  Today we lift it high, as if on a lampstand, here in Abbott Square!  Today, we all come out!  We come out as lovers and seekers.  We come out as allies and advocates.  We come out as queer disciples of a queer Christ--who loves the whole world (and every one of us in it) with a fierce and undying love.

So sing proud.

Lift up your many voices.

Pray hard for peace.

And shine your light--shine it bright for all God's children to see! 
Peace @ Pride: 6/7/15