Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gaza 2014

As I understand the numbers, the United States Government sends over $3.1 billion to Israel, every year.  In military aid.  That means, I think, that I am implicated in the video above, and the strafing and bombing of Gaza.  Not just last summer, but all the other times.  As an American, I have a duty--a duty of conscience--to pay attention to how that money is spent and where.  And what kind of damage it does to innocent families.  And how it contributes to the collective punishment of civilian cities.

As I understand our United Church resolutions, they're aimed at US companies complicit in these kinds of atrocities.  The hope is that pressure on companies (like Caterpillar and Motorola) becomes pressure on Israel itself.  To stop the madness.  To negotiate in good faith rather than extend an occupation recognized around the world as immoral and unlawful.  

Do I know--does the UCC know--that divestment will be the key to two-state solution?  No.  Do we know for certain that divestment will pressure Israel in just the right way, bringing a huge regional power to negotiate wisely with a much smaller one?  No.

But videos like the one above are a glaring, shocking, sickening reminder of what's at stake.  To do and say nothing is to look the other way.  With humility, confessing our imperfect solutions to global crises and historic conflicts, we must do and say something.  "Not with our money.  No more of this violence.  Not in our names."