Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Crisis of ISIS: A Sermon by Hamza Yusuf

In a time of great confusion...a voice of clarity and wisdom...

On Sunday, my friend Imam Houcine Ahmed of the Islamic Center here in Santa Cruz mentioned a prophetic warning about ISIS, "insignificant" people whose "hearts are like pieces of iron.  They have no mercy."  Later, my friend and curious colleague Kerry Poethig found this impressive sermon by Hamza Yusuf at Zaytuna College.

Hamza Yusuf insists that religion (especially Islam) requires study, years of discipline, formation and maturity.  It results in compassion.  His is a powerful lament for the impulsive, angry, violent interpretations of his tradition.  God is not pleased.  "How will you be when you see a wrong thing as a good thing?  And a good thing as a wrong thing?"

These people, says Hamza Yusuf referring to ISIS, have nothing to do with Islam.