Friday, April 15, 2016

Let Us Rest (A Prayer)

Mover of the great waves and gentle swells,
Hope of the servant who cares when hope dims,
Love in the moon, shining comma in night sky:

Let us rest this night in your generous arms,
In your darkness and sweet grace.

Let the suffering find peace, something like solace,
In a quiet place, or a warm embrace, or a memory.

Stir the hearts of the powerful to the needs and aspirations
Of the poor, but do not make them stoop.

Instead, inspire new partnerships, new communion, 
Shared collaboration: your children as sisters and brothers,
Gathered by your spirit in human waves of compassion,
Rising to build cities together, 
And moving out to harvest life together,
And choosing to give it away as an act of faith and courage.

As we sleep, in the sacred dark tonight,
Dance in the distant stars, sparkle on the huge seas,
And inspire in us their passion for motion and wonder and oneness.