Friday, August 12, 2016

Bring It On!

A sweet family boat ride today, up river to a warm bend and swimming for all.  The air was thick with summer heat and smelled like the coming rain.  

The plunge (above) was something of a wild, baptismal leap for me.  Kind of an annual summer leap.  Something like renewal.  Something like a bigger reality than the little one I carry around in my head.  Something like grace.

At the midpoint in my fifty-fifth year, I feel something shifting, something changing in me.  Maybe it's the kids growing up and making their way.  Maybe it's the realization that the second half of life is well underway.  Or maybe it's the density of discipleship and the responsibility I feel for my faith, for the gospel, for my privilege.  There's much yet to do.

In any case, today's leap is pure exuberance, sheer wonder and liberation.  Off I go: into the only life I have, into the arms of God, into the unity of now and then and all that's coming...

Bring it on!