Sunday, August 28, 2016


Years ago, I remember my friend Mary Luti saying that church should be like a good game at Fenway--where we rise for hymns like a late-August crowd for a long home run in the late innings.  I'll never forget that: the idea that faith should have some "Fenway" to it!

These days, I'm lucky if I get to the old yard once a year.  But last night, I made it, with my 18-year-old daughter Fiona.  What atmosphere!  In the street, clowns juggling.  Funny men on huge stilts greeting eager fans.  Even a live band on Yawkey Way.  What if church were a little more like Fenway?!  The energy.  The joy.  The expectation of a great time!

And what a night!  Home runs!  Xander Boegarts heroics!  Another Mookie Betts home run!  And the crowd rising with 'oohs' and 'aahs', each time a ball was driven deep into the night!

Sweet!  (Thanks for taking your dad to the game, Fiona!)