Monday, August 1, 2016

The Blessings of Wilder Patch

Roaming the fields at Wilder Patch in Aptos, I took this picture last Thursday evening, wild flowers layered in the sweet light of dusk.  The occasion was the blessing of Wilder Ranch--a small farm founded and tended by my friend Joanna Normoyle.  For the past couple of years, several of us have listened in as Joanna's dreamed and imagined the farm, then leased the land and dug in.  This is vocation for her: a deep expression of her calling to the earth, her partnership with the land, her soulful journey into the soil and all its mysteries.  I'm grateful for the small part our small group at church has played: bearing witness to Joanna's dream, listening in as it matured and blessing the land with her last week!

Wilder Patch in Aptos
Farmer and Her Friends