Saturday, October 29, 2016

POEM: Defend the Sacred
The face of God is land and water and people from many nations.
And they come to honor their ancestors, and they come to
Defend the sacred, and their eyes are red with tears, and set on
Their children's future and running rivers of sweet water.

The face of God is defiant, made bold by friendship and grace,
Elbows tucked through other elbows, children pleased
By the courage of parents and grandparents, teachers and friends.
And they walk together, needing only their belief in one another.

The face of God is dark and brown, tired and brave, Standing Rock.
And her cry is justice, and her cry is water, and her cry is simple.
Defend the sacred.  Honor the children.  Humble yourselves.
Do we see her face now?  Will we hear her cry now?

Standing Rock.

Santa Cruz