Saturday, January 14, 2017

Before the Inauguration (A POEM)

January Light, Carmel Valley

Still silent night, cold and clear,
And a golden moon in the starry sky:
Here peace fills me, suddenly grace calls me,
And I promise to love this sweet world,
And join my heart to so many others,
To build and heal and strengthen the sad.

Everything is bullshit, sang the singer,
But the open hand, the open hand.
Will I release my grip, these many
Anxieties and aches and tabloid doubts?
Will I open hand and heart, my life
To the little boy who comes running my way
In church tomorrow, and to the
Old, weathered warrior who's itching
To tell me a story or enlist me in a plan
To change the world?

Will I release my grip on ancient grievances
And all the ways my ego anticipates defeat,
And open my mind to the sun's generous
Shining in the morning and the way a choir
Sings an old spiritual and dares hope into being?

Shepherd of the Night, Shepherd of my soul,
Deep Love of the loving and Breath of the Wind,
Wrap me in grace tonight, pull me close. 
I want for nothing, I am yours. 

Guide us tonight, your many beloveds, your worlds.
Lead us beside the quiet streams, into the
Greening fields washed clean by winter rains.
Guide us into understanding and peace.

Open our hands when they tighten,
Open our minds when they close,
Open our hearts to the wild songs of hope
That ride the winds and fling wide the windows of possibility.