Monday, January 16, 2017

Pray Always

“Parable of the Unjust Judge” by Nikola Sarić (

The Inauguration and the Unjust Judge

By Scott Bader-Saye
As we move toward the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump, I am aware that many in this country feel trepidation and fear.  People of color, women, sexual minorities, disabled persons, and immigrants all came under attack during Trump’s campaign, and in the construction of his cabinet, President-Elect Trump has done little to signal support for those who lack power and voice in our political system.

What does the church have to say to those who are not sure justice will be on their side?

In Luke 18 Jesus tells a parable of a persistent widow and an unjust judge.  Luke prefaces the parable by saying that “Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not to lose heart” (18:1).  Unlike other parables that present us with a loving father awaiting the return of the prodigal son, a woman gently kneading leaven into her bread, a lowly seed destined to become a mighty tree, or a shepherd searching for a lost sheep, this parable presents us with a figure who is not particularly likable and certainly not intended to be directly compared to God.

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