Friday, February 3, 2017

Money for the Rich, Guns for the Many

While Donald Trump tweets and Kellyanne Conway lies and Sean Spicer does his level-headed best to make it all sound official, the Republican leadership in Congress is about its real business.  Money for the rich, guns for the many.

In the process--whether we notice or not--they have turned from their civic duty and any moral sense of responsibility or good governance.  To be honest, the expression on Mitch McConnell's face (above) says it all.  "We've done it.  We've pulled the wool over all y'all's eyes."  Trump's mania is just a mask for a complete and hostile takeover of the people's government, the people's economy, the people's ethics.  

And always, there's a heavy price to pay.  The next time a sad or deranged young man pulls out a gruesome gun and shoots into a classroom, or a bar, or a bus station--the pain and suffering is on their hands.  The weeping of parents, the wailing of lovers--it's on the hands of this Congress.