Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tools and Resistance

Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson, center, and Daniel Emory, both of the Ojibwe Tribe, lead a procession to the Cannonball River in December as part of protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline in Cannon Ball, N.D. (David Goldman / Associated Press)
MOVING PARTS:  The Citizens United ruling--coupled with voter suppression and the miserable ethic of the Trump White House--does its best to cripple democratic participation and weaken the spirit of our republic.  Money buys elected office, and then more money buys legislation partial to moneyed interests.  While the disorganized left struggles for footing.

Thankfully, the people of Seattle and the people of San Francisco and a growing coalition of true democrats are fighting back.  Boycotting companies whose grab for riches endangers human community and ecological health is ethical practice, and faithful to the nonviolent traditions of King and Gandhi and Tutu and so many others.  We are not powerless.  We the people have resources to risk and tools to use.
From The Huffington Post, 2/9/17:

Seattle City Council has joined the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, voting unanimously to end its contract with a bank funding the project.

The [Seattle] ordinance, approved Tuesday, instructs the city to cut ties with Wells Fargo when its contract expires in 2018. The bank manages the city’s accounts, processing about $3 billion annually. According to Wells Fargo, Seattle’s accounts with the bank hold an average of $10 million. 

The vote makes Seattle the first major city to pull funds from a bank for financing the pipeline. The measure also directs the city not to make any new investments in Wells Fargo securities for three years. 
“People say, ‘Money talks,’” Councilwoman Debora Juarez said ahead of Tuesday’s vote. “We say, ‘No, it doesn’t. We do.’’’
WE THE PEOPLE: If we agree with the indigenous leaders of Standing Rock, if we really choose to resist (with them) this pipeline, we'd do well to follow the lead of Seattle, San Francisco and cities like them.  Dump Wells Fargo.  If we agree that Israel's illegal occupation and ongoing annexation of the West Bank is wrong, we'd do well to join a boycott of settler businesses or companies profiting off illegal settlements.  If we agree that the Food Industry is rigged and not at all healthy for kids and communities, we'd do well to do all we can to support local growers, community farmers and the like.

We are not powerless.  We the people have resources to risk and tools to use.