Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Gospel Truth

The simplest instructions are also the most necessary: "I was hungry and you fed me.  I was a stranger and you opened your doors."  Thank God for the disciples (of any, all or no faith) who heed the words and open the door and provide sanctuary!  It strikes me that this is the true conversion--not an altar call, but an open door; not a passing moment of ecstasy, but a sustained posture of hospitality.  "I was naked and you clothed me.  I was thirsty and you gave me drink."  In this, we encounter the One who heals our wounds and binds our broken parts in a new and lasting wholeness.  In welcoming the sojourner, the poor, the refugee, we finally cross over into a land flowing with milk, honey and freedom for all.   

Until we fully and graciously welcome them all, we have no claim (at all) on that or any other land.  Until we open the doors of our sanctuaries, our conversion is incomplete.