Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lent 9 (A Poem)

"Birds Outside"
An Occasional Poem for Lent

Fell asleep by the TV again,
Talking heads, their flushed red cheeks, 
Outraged by this, that, the other thing, the other guy.
Couldn't follow the thread, are we mad
Or just glad that we're not the terrible and bad
This time around, at least this time around?

Woke up this morning, fed strangely by the night,
And someone, thank god, had turned off the TV.
And a dozen singing birds like Bobby McFerrin
On a branch just outside my window
Tweeting the way birds do, because their
Tweeting wakes up the dawn and me.

I wonder how the morning birds get 
Their news, sort out the gnarled from smooth,
Which outlet they turn to for fashion
And intrigue and the latest trends in cynicism?
Maybe I'll give up TV for Lent, for my sanity, forever.
Like the birds outside my window.