Thursday, June 22, 2017

Discipleship Today

"Capitol Police forcibly removed protesters gathered outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Thursday, with at least one photo showing drops of blood on the hallway floor.  The crowd was protesting the health care bill that Senate Republicans had written in secret at McConnell’s direction. Judging by photos and video from reporters, the senator’s staffers didn’t appreciate their presence.  Police reportedly arrested more than 20 protesters, many of whom were in wheelchairs and on respirators." (Huff Post, 6/22/17)

For what it's worth, Christians, I believe this is what discipleship looks like today, in the halls of power at least.  It looks like a woman who places her body where her conviction is, another who wheels herself to the threshold of a Senator's office and says "NO MORE!"  

Jesus says to those who'd follow: "Take my body."  In other words, do with your bodies what I did with mine!  Stand in the way of viciousness.  Reach out with healing touch.  Trust that the God of love and justice is stronger, mightier, wiser than the gods of empire and industry.  Resist!

This is what it looks like--today--to inaugurate the kingdom, on earth, even in DC, even on the doorstep of Mitch McConnell's office.