Monday, July 11, 2011

Istanbul 2027

Looking for a great summer read?  Looking for an urgent thriller weaving Islamic mysticism with complex technological possibilities, and international intrigue with deep psychological insight?  I'll recommend this one to you: THE DERVISH HOUSE by Ian MacDonald.

Set in Turkey 2027, now the most populous and diverse nation in the European Union, the book covers 7 days, spinning out three or four plot-lines that swerve and lurch toward some kind of collision.  Inevitable, but unforeseeable.  And throughout, MacDonald muses on the nature of religious experience, belief, mysticism.  What kind of impact does technological innovation have on faith and spiritual practice?  Will it make religion obsolete?  Or simply accelerate religious conflicts?

Serious stuff, this piece of sci-fi...and a ton of fun.  Enjoy the read.