Saturday, April 14, 2012

Setting the Table

Lovely moment at the kitchen counter last night...setting the table for supper with 14-year-old daughter Fiona.

I flipped on my iPod and some music I'd just downloaded...the first song was one Fiona and I had caught at the tail-end of a tv show Wednesday night.  "Be Still."  Kind of a meditation on stress and hope and friendship in crazy times.  It had caught our attention, hers and mine--so I found it on iTunes the next day.  A sweet song.

So we were setting the table, plating the tortellini, and I asked Fiona if she recognized the tune.

She scrunched up her face a bit, recognizing something about it, but needing more time.

Then, yes, she got it.  The song from the show.  Yes!  "Dad," she said, an uncensored moment of appreciation, "you're awe--"

But, you're 14:  your dad's so old, so outdated, so...goofy.  He can't possibly be... he can't really be...could he be awe--?  On her face, I saw this very quick calculation.  My dad?  Awe--?  Oh my!

She didn't finish the word, caught herself before she said something unimaginably sweet.  But I think I know what she meant.  Kind of swee--!