Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Therapy

Won the domestic lottery tonight--and sat home all night long, waiting for the doorbell and handing out sweets to pint-sized pirates.  Read a Danish thriller along the way (The Absent One), listening to the happy sounds of two 15-year-old friends carving a huge pumpkin in the kitchen. 

They laughed at themselves, giggled at the occasional mishap, recalled other Halloween adventures, and nibbled on pumpkin seeds roasted earlier.  I paged through my thriller, wondering how on earth I got so lucky, so incredibly blessed.  They went about their blissful business, oblivious to my musing.  Collaborating.  Enjoying.  Every bit in the moment.

I've been obsessing of late, knee-deep in electoral maps, presidential projections.  I turn to FOX or MSNBC, and five minutes later I feel dizzy, cynical, contemptuous of the whole lot.  What I got tonight was a bit of pumpkin therapy: a couple of kids being kids, carving up a bit of peace and setting it on the porch for all to see.  Making the neighborhood a little more radiant.  Making me a little more grateful.