Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DAILY PRAYER: Matins, 9/23/15

A daily prayer for the people, ministries and concerns of Peace United Church of Christ:

ETERNAL LOVE, Holy God, your light rises now, in the east, finding all earth's creatures and warming us by your sweet and ancient grace.  We pray for the planet today, for her many creatures and ecosystems and lovers.  May your blessing evoke praise and compassion in the hearts and lives of all beings.
We give thanks today for Francis' journey to Cuba and now Washington and the East Coast.  May his passion for the poor inspire new courage among peoples of many traditions: help us to work together to heal the divide between rich and poor and imagine a more just economy for all children and all beings.  May his simplicity inspire new choices: help us to live simply in the many blessings and rich promise that only you provide.
We pray this morning for all who mourn, for all who weep: especially, for Heidi Simonson and her family as they grieve Margaret's death this week; especially, for the family and friends of Shirlee Thorne as they grieve her death earlier this month.  May all who mourn find strength in your holy and inexhaustible mercy.  And may Christ keep them close always.
We pray for all who suffer with pain or physical weariness: especially, for Nancy Walker and Derek Appleton and Chuck Larsen (broken leg) and Bill Skyles (broken collarbone).  May your gracious light shine on these and other friends as they mend and heal, and as they seek you in prayer.  May Christ too keep them close.
In our hearts, we draw near to the fears and journeys of refugees and migrants everywhere: especially, those fleeing war and poverty and famine in Syria.  May your powerful love open the minds of the nations privileged to the needs of our sisters, our brothers, our children.  May we practice hospitality even and especially when cautious voices caution inaction.  And may we, the lovers of peace, do all that we can to advance peace in Syria and around the world.
Your light is our constant companion and the Source of our humility and hope.  May we live by that light this day, following Jesus and giving thanks for the broken bread which is enough to satisfy and renew us.  We pray in Jesus' name and by his spirit.  Amen.
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