Saturday, September 19, 2015

Embodied Resistance (What Jesus Was Talking About)

From Rebecca Klein at 'The Huffington Post': "For the past month, the same eight Chicago protesters have spent their days in front of Walter H. Dyett High School, a once-bustling but now vacant institution located on the city’s south side. They often spend their mornings strategizing, thinking of ways to make sure Dyett once again transforms into community hub. They spend long, langorous afternoons chatting with supporters and members of the media. They never spend their evenings around a dinner table.

"These protesters have forgone food, consuming only liquids, for the past 34 days. They don't just want Dyett reopened -- they want it reopened on their terms. And they are ready to continue to starve themselves -- and risk their lives -- in order to make sure that happens."

See the full piece, with pictures of all the resisters, here.