Thursday, October 8, 2015


MORNING PRAYER for 10.8.15

God of many colors, God of peace, God of love,

Pour out your generous and Holy Spirit on the church today!  Make us bold in proclaiming a gospel of liberating grace, a gospel of renewing forgiveness, a gospel of sweet and tender love.  Speak clearly to the church's weary ways and breathe new courage into our mission and witness.  Touch our hearts and loosen our tongues.

We lift into your light those who have every reason to doubt the church's intentions.  We lift into your light those who have been judged harshly and treated poorly and even abused in the name of religion, and of faith, and of Jesus himself.  Have mercy on your church, O God.  Forgive our small-minded ways.  And break down the walls within and among us--so that we can see the world in its heavenly light and love your many peoples as you do.  With a full and gracious and courageous heart!

The vision passed on to us is a vision of one body, in which there is no male and female, no slave or free, no Jew or Greek.  This is a vision in which all of these binary categories, and so many others, are reconciled in your holy mercy, and the church embodies the radically inclusive, delightful and reconciling person of Jesus.  Grant us holy wisdom and profound vision.  Grant us courage and peace.  Let us be that church, Jesus' church, together!

Bless this day the weary, the wounded.  Create pathways to healing, wholeness and resurrected life.  Let us take time, in the church, to listen carefully, and let us dare to dream together of a gospel life, a gospel church, a gospel ministry.  Your mercy is wide and deep.  Your promise is the foundation of all we do.  And we go forward now, to love and be loved, to serve and be served, and to be the holy temple of compassion in the world.  Amen.