Thursday, October 1, 2015

"PAIN-BEARING GOD": Morning Prayer, 10/1/15

PAIN-BEARING GOD, I draw close to those who suffer today, and I pray that their hearts might sense your nearness and the companionship of your Spirit.  Bless those who suffer physical pain, the piercing pain of injury or the dull ache of chronic illness.  Breathe with them, be near to them in the questions they ask and the sighs of their hearts.  With the church, I pray in a special way for Nancy and for Jean and for Bill and for the dear ones who love and care for them in their recovery and healing.

Bless too those who suffer mental anguish and pain of an emotional kind.  Be the deep peace in their hearts, even a peace beyond understanding, a peace that offers a kind of kindness and stillness you alone can offer.  With the church, I pray especially for those who suffer with depression today: those being treated in any number of ways, those afraid to ask for help or uncertain where to look, those whose sadness tends towards suicidal thoughts.  Shine the light of grace, with the warmth of love, upon them and into their deepest darkness.  Reach their spirit's center with a word of love.

Pain-bearing God, bless the terrified in places of war and conflict, places like Syria and Iraq, even family homes where arguments are fearful.  Touch the grieving and the frightened today with your hand of assurance, with your promise of heaven.  And may we--your band of disciples--follow you into the painful places to bring tenderness, integrity and love.  Even in the steps of our Brother.  Amen.