Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Still, Small, Voice, God." (Morning Prayer)


Still, Small, Voice, God.

Beyond the chatter of ego's angst, I seek you.
Inside the rushing waves of today's high tide, I look for you.
Deeper than the humming of distant highways, I listen now.

Speak to me in the wind I can only taste.
Sing to me from distant shores I can only imagine.
Call me out of narrow places, familiar caves,
And into broad valleys of possibility and service.

Still, Small, Voice, God.

Who are you, so near, so distant, so free?
Why is your way hidden in broken bread?
Where will I find your direction?
Will I ever, ever know?
In so many questions.
In so many inaudible sighs.
You are.
You speak.

I will be still now.
I will only wait.
You will speak in words I can never fully understand,
But always cherish, always cherish.
In the wind and the wave and the cup drained in love.