Sunday, October 11, 2015

"God of Peace, We Pray" (10.11.15)


God of peace, we pray today for the many who died in Turkey this weekend, marching for peace, dancing for justice, paying for their passion with their lives.  How can the cruel and the mighty continue to crush the lovers of peace?  How much blood must be shed in the name of love?  Our hearts break for the dead and for their many, many friends and lovers and neighbors.  May they know peace beyond the madness and brokenness.  May your light shine upon them.
God of all, God in all, God of grace, we pray for the peoples of the Middle East, caught in so many vicious stories, struggling to see through grievance and fear.  We pray, in a special way, for the brave builders of better days, for the bold peacemakers determined to carry on.  May your spirit endow these generous souls with deep imagination and tenderness.  May they know, among one another, the joys of friendship and collegiality.  And may our people, our American peacemakers, find meaningful and constructive ways to aid their efforts.  Help us know what solidarity requires of us in this dangerous and bewildering time.

Broken-hearted God, gather the broken of Ankara to your mercy this day.  Forget not their courage and passion.  And may that courage be passed on now to kind and loving doers of justice.  May we go forward in their spirit and with their hope, as they live and dance and rest in peace with you.  Amen.