Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ched Myers' Eulogy for Daniel Berrigan


"All the Words of the Scroll..."
Ched Myers' Eulogy for Daniel Berrigan
From Ched's Blog (www.chedmyers.org

"In what amounts to the first Bible study ever in the life of the church, Jesus makes it clear that the prophetic tradition is the lens through which to make sense out of the national history.   Israel’s prophets were forever engaging the way things were with the vision of what should be: questioning authority, making trouble, refusing to settle, interrupting business as usual, speaking truth to power, giving voice to the voiceless, stirring up the troops, getting the natives restless, picketing palaces.  For being the inconvenient conscience of the nation they were accused of treason in times of warmaking, jailed, exiled, or killed.  Then, once disposed of, they got a national holiday or a street named after them.  Canonized, and thereafter ignored (Martin King, Cesar Chavez, Dorothy Day, presente!)."

"So have you handed on to us the tradition of 'biblical readings of America,' from Bonhoeffer and Stringfellow, from Heschel and Merton, from Dorothy and Fannie Lou, from Irish mystics and Jesuit martyrs, from all who have been keepers of the Word since Jeremiah and Baruch.  Thank you Daniel, faithful translator and scribe of good news in hard times."

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