Thursday, July 7, 2016

Michelle Alexander on The New Jim Crow

I'm struck by the metaphor of awakening: that what's needed is an American awakening, a spiritual awakening.  Sleepy politics Andno more!  Sleepy spirituality no more!  In Gethsemane, and in prisons across the land, Jesus calls us to wakefulness, watchfulness.  "Stay awake with me."  In Baton Rouge and Saint Paul, in Baltimore and Cleveland and Oakland, Jesus insists on discipleship.  "Keep watch with me."  

Michelle Alexander insists that the most powerful nation in the world is bewildered, unclear and ignorant of its past and its consequences.  We're sleeping on our history, and on our present.  It's time to wake up.  We are called to wakefulness, watchfulness, alert discipleship.  "I've been obsessed with this," she says.

"We've repeatedly birthed extraordinary systems of racial control, even now, even in the age of Obama."  Here is a wakeful, watchful woman!